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UPDATED: 12th March 2020

Thank you for visiting my page. I am a relentless content maker and creative naked person. Subscribers gain full access to my latest updates. You can connect with me via live shows or private messaging, watch my new videos, browse my epic (10000+) photo adventures, listen to my podcasts ... and be the first to know about my upcoming events and merchandise PLUS you get to know my many wonderful friends too!

There's a huge selection of content for all tastes - from arty to surreal and beyond PLUS lots to make you 'laugh out loud' (LOL) too! See you on the inside...

Lucy x

VIP Membership includes:


-High Resolution Photos
*over 10000 images of me and my many wonderful friends*


- Lucy Muse Minute News
*my naked vlog*
- Fair Do's Lucy Muse
*documenting my crazy challenges*
- Lucy Loves
*showcasing my passions and zest for adventure*
- Lucy Musings
*short films about my naked lifestyle*
- The Mole
*real candid footage of me doing my thing*


- Lucy Musings
*me filming me out and about*
- Thomas & Muse
*my hilarious chats with Ben*
- Thomas, Raine & Muse
*naked art and travel documentary featuring Elly Raine and Thomas & Muse*
- Lucy Muse & Friends
*fly on the wall art films documenting naked photo shoots with my friends*


- Lucy Musings
*over 100 hilariously bizarre podcasts with Thomas & Muse*


- Private Messaging
*I, Lucy, personally responds to ALL private messages*


- Performances
*up to the minute information (including tickets) about upcoming naked art events*

- Socials
*skinny dips, naked rides and gatherings...hear it here first*


- Polaroids
*signed, unique and exclusive naked polaroids featuring me (and friends) sent to your letter box*


- Never Before Seen Content
*gain access to the exclusive THOMAS & MUSE Back Stage Pass to see exclusive never before seen content!


The bandcamp app is great for listening to the podcasts but for the full VIP treatment please use the browser/desktop version of the site.


This is an artistically derived project and is in no way a sexually focused venture. Lewd, crude or primarily sexually focused language or acts will not be tolerated.

ALL content featured on this profile is copyrighted and belongs to me, Lucy Muse. Relevant action will be taken if any of my content is used elsewhere. Thanks.

Here’s what you get:

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Thank you for being a Lucy Muse VIP! Now let's get creative ...


The BANDCAMP APP is intended for listening to podcasts only. If you wish to experience the full VIP treatment DO NOT use the bandcamp app.

* WARNING * my latest and archived images and videos contain NUDITY.

PLEASE NOTE: This is an artistically derived project and is in no way a sexually focused venture. Lewd, crude or primarily sexually focused language or acts will not be tolerated.


my latest and archived images + videos can be found here:

ACCESS PASSWORD: somuchcontent


To gain access to the Thomas & Muse BACK STAGE PASS visit:

and us the ACCESS PASSWORD: showmethewaytogohome

My latest podcasts can be streamed at:

* IMPORTANT PLEASE READ * The access password will be regularly updated so please check here first.

If you have any problems or questions please don't hesitate to get in touch with me at:

Thank you X

UPDATED: 12th March 2020

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